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Do you ship/work internationally?

We do! Please be advised that shipping costs are provided by the client. We cannot be responsible for shipping times or costs.

Do you take payment plans?

Yes!! We offer a 3 tiered pricing system to allow folks from all walks of life to afford a quality handcrafted wig. We collect and keep track of payments using Wave Accounting. There you can save your credit card number and choose to make automatic payments.

What if I finish my payments before I need the wig? Can I change the “needed by” date?

You can access your invoice at any time and make a payment. There is no fee or penalty for paying your piece off early but we cannot guarantee that we can move your finish date up due to our build schedule. Thank you for your understanding.

How do you take a head or facial wrap? What is it?

-in progress-

How do I prepare my hair for the head wrap? My facial hair?

You will need to prepare your hair in the way you’ll prep it for your finished wig. For facial hair it's necessary to have a clean shaven or stubble-y face. No long facial hair can be present or the fit will be off. Same goes for wigs. If you’re planning on cutting a large amount of hair off or growing it out in the coming months, please let us know. We can add or subtract from measurements to make sure your wig fits! 

We will use this wrap as a base to build your piece on to ensure proper fit and size.

How are your lace fronts different from store bought options? 

Generally store bought wig bases are made with elastic to try and fit as many heads as possible. Unfortunately heads come in many shapes and sizes and these don’t always work. The lace may be scratchy and hard (which is necessary for daily wear wigs for longevity). When you order a custom wig base we will drape the swiss lace and heavier nets, pin in the darts and hand stitch the piece together with a synthetic thread. The hairline on store bought wigs is often a harsh line with no nuance  or softness. Oftentimes the lace is darker or lighter than your natural skin tone. We offer hand tied soft hairlines (augmenting or matching your own) and custom lace dying for folks with deeper skin tones.

Do you make wigs for daily wear?

Our wigs are theatre quality which are not meant for daily use. Swiss laces' lifespan depends on how it's handled, cleaned and stored.

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