Why Custom Wigs?

                               Traditional wig making is a trade that dates back hundreds of years. From the courts of French Aristocracy to the red carpet of today's award shows, lace front wigs are still relevant to today. Seen  worn by performers on stage, celebrities in film, and hiding in plain sight among the public, hand made lace front wigs are a transformative fixture in the lives of many. 

The realistic features of a hand-tied hairline, authentic colors, ethically sourced materials, and a piece made to fit you personally will help bring your cosplay costume from a fantasy to a reality. 

Let Emerald City Wigs finish your Costume with a custom crafted wig or hair piece. A tiered pricing system allows us to tailor make your wig according to your budget. We build to size and style preference, along with lessons on wearing your piece and care for it.

Installment plans available for the cost-conscience cosplayer.