We begin your wig by taking careful measurements of your head, this will provide optimal fit and comfort for your final look. We then create a mold of your head where we can trace the shape of your hairline and other specific details (like hair direction) that will help it look natural on you.

   Using a wig block (head) matching your size, we hand drape and stitch a cap to fit your head shape and size. After this we can tie the hair chosen to the custom net cap in knots of about 10 hairs at the nape through the crown, and single hairs in the front for maximum realistic movement and density


   Years of experience styling wigs in theater and opera have given our stylists the tools to create whatever your cosplay character needs. We work with synthetic hair and human hair pieces to bring to life the needs of of your cosplay. Lessons on maintaining and styling touch ups are apart of our service. Our hope is to level up your cosplay. +10 to knowledge!


   When your piece is complete we will arrange a fitting, an opportunity to work out any last minute notes or concerns, and also take the opportunity to educate you on how to prepare your hair to lay beneath the wig. Two sessions of restyling are included with the price of all our wigs, and we will show you how to travel with and store your wig. A well-maintained wig can last many years!

Our Process